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Outdoor Tournament Battles

Outdoor Tournament Battles!!

After the indoor part of the tournament we had dinner with a few of the people from the event, one of which was a pretty cool guy who was ex-marine recon! We told him about Buddy and that crazy story, which he was fascinated by.

It also turned out that he was one of the owners of the arena that we fought at, which turned out in our favor with 1- A promise to give us two free hours in the arena with Buddy when he gets home (military love) and 2- because when we got to talking to him he told us about his upcoming wedding we hooked him up with the amazing company that pimped out their party bus we got to ride in, he gave us a $50 credit at their store!

Win Win!!

The next day was the outdoor part of the tournament which meant snipers and machine guns! Chuck was happy that he got to use his MG and his new grenade launcher to good effect. Seth reprised his sniper role for the outdoor fights, taking the high ground where possible and using his practice at BB drop to pop a few guys.


Tournament Battle (Part 2)

Tournament Battle Part 2!!

To catch up with what happened at the beginning of the tournament, check out my last post!

After the first round we reloaded, re-gassed and spent as much time as we could in front of the arena monitors watching our potential future competitors. One of the airsoft forums I checked out had mentioned trying to learn your competitor’s tactics if you could watch them fight, only becoming more critical as you rise in the rankings.

We were feeling pretty good about our first win, which probably helped our confidence in winning our second battle. The second one, however, was against a much better squad. The one with the BFG sniper rifle I listed in my last post, the Snow Wolf Custom Long Range Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle.

Our strategy against a team with a sniper was for Seth to also take his sniper role and keep his enemy counterpart busy and distracted so that we could close on him and take him out at close range.


Tournament Battle (Part 1)

Tournament Time!!!

The tourney was amaaaaazing! We got second place as a team, which won us a $500 gift card to one of the best airsoft shops around here! And a pretty sweet trophy!

So, we got to the arena on day 1 for the indoor, urban portion of the fighting ready to go.

Gun gas? Check.
BBs? Check.
Truckload of weapons? Check
Combat gear? Check.
Part and tools to cover malfunctions, jams and other issues? Check.
Attitude? Double Check!!


More Gear for the Team and Practice, Practice, Practice!

More Gear for the Team and Practice, Practice, Practice!

One thing about airsoft that I’ve found is that is contagious, especially when it comes to having your battle bros buying new gear!

In this case Kelly and I started it, so naturally after Chuck and Seth sampled our new toys it was reworking budgets and off to the shop for those two!

First up is my boy Chuck! He got hooked with a APS ACP Full Metal CO2 Powered Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol (which will probably be one of my next purchases) to have a very realistic sidearm that is light but powerful. Chucky also decided to add to his heavy weapon collection and got a ICS MGL Full Size Airsoft Revolver Grenade Launcher. This thing looks scary and is like a shotgun on crack! He added a bandolier and bought another dozen MGL shells for never ending fun.


Chuck the Ninja Airsoft Warrior!

What’s up people!!??

Michael here ready to blast out another post!

So, first things first, shout to my boy Chuck and his appliance repair ninja skills! My boy helped out Kelly’s mom (future mother-in-law bonus points!) with a freezer that was being sketchy! You’re the man Chuck!

So, what’s the occasion for the new post? New gear and games of course!

Kelly and yours truly got hooked up with some new firepower and a few other things we found that have upped our game.


Great Airsoft Venues – A Night Out with the Squaddies

Hey guys!
So in my last post I talked about how my team got a firepower upgrade thanks to my new in-laws to be and my fiancée Kelly!

Back at it again.

Of course we had to go sling some plastic after our new weapons purchase was made! Chuck, Chris and yours truly had a painful good time tagging each other in Chris’s backyard over some beers (and for some reason the more we played and drank, the less it hurt to get hit, strange isn’t it?).

The Squad.

The next day our other squaddie, my man Seth, called me up and told me to bring the guys to a concert he had booked (he runs a band booking business, a sweet connection to have by anyone’s standards). We took our ladies with us and had a pretty awesome night out! Seth got Kelly and I backstage to meet the band so she could get an autograph on her t-shirt (the closest any guy will ever get to a couple of her best features. I’m going to get hit for that). A few days later we got invited to an event at one of our favorite indoor places to play, Battle City. The layout, obstacles and cover combined with plenty of doorways and blind turns make this place one of the best arenas ever for indoor matches. Honestly if you ever get the chance to play here, take it!


There are Surprises in AirSoft Fun!

Hey guys, Michael here. I hope you enjoyed my last three posts about the amazing experience I had the other day. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!
I’ve had a chance to play at another event since my last post, and with my new rifle that Kelly (my amazing wife-to-be) surprised me with!


So Kelly asked me to come with her over to her sister’s house and help her and her husband Vince with their DIY background pool project. When she said they were doing everything themselves I have to admit, I was a more than a little concerned. A DIY addition to your house is one thing, an in-ground pool with all of its components, digging the hole, etc., that’s something else. BIG Project.

The construction began…

slow going because everyone has jobs, so we worked on it mostly on the weekends and a few evenings. I learned how to operate a backhoe, so that’s awesome. Despite the help of the backhoe for the bulk of the digging, and because we only had it for a weekend, we actually had to do a lot of the digging ourselves.


Probably the Most Memorable Airsoft Game of My Life! (Part 3, the Conclusion)

Check out the part 1 and part 2, the last two posts to get caught up with the intense action! Ok, here we go…!

We drop a few of them as they approach but have to fall back as three of the enemy soldiers, one of which is support and spraying with abandon as the group comes around the corner and enters the outer defenses. And guess who is leading this trio of brave souls?

Before we get started…just found out…

“Buddy” is getting married! Turns out he was engaged too. Buddy invited my friends and I to his wedding, and the reception/after party afterwards as well. We even got to ride with the bridal party in the same kind of sweet party bus my fiancé and I are booking for ours, so she and I got a “test drive” so to speak.

Yep, you guessed it. Our good friend Buddy.

Before you know it everyone on our team with the exception of me, Chuck and Franklin is dead with no remaining respawns. We’ve all been hit and are down to our last spawns as well, meaning that at this point in a match this intense your heart feels like it’s going to explode from the adrenaline blasting through your system! So there we are, pinned in the inner defenses with Franklin running low on ammo. Chuck who is down to his borrowed Uzi is sweating buckets, and I’m trying to think of something we can do other than take a few wild suppression shots from around the upper stairway corner to keep from being finally overrun.


Probably the Most Memorable Airsoft Game of My Life! (Part 2)

Note: Check out the last post to catch up on what’s up so far (you’re going to want see this!)

Enough about captain amazing, we all gear up. I was rocking my classic combat machine m4 and a Glock sidearm, my friend chuck with his AK and extended mags and a Uzi he borrowed from Buddy. Seth is our sniper and so had his tricked out Draugnov sniper rifle and a classy .45 sidearm.
I thought I was looking tough with my tactical chest rig that I found at an army surplus, I was feeling pretty good about myself. Buddy gears up and a part of me thinks, “this guy must watch a lot of war movies”, because his rig and gear is like every special ops movie to come out in the last few years.

Yeah, well, you’re still single Buddy!

Another of Chris’s friends shows up a little late, a big boy named Franklin who we have all played with before. Franklin is a support guy who is all about the machine guns and high SPS, a big target and not on the fast side, but one that can lay down some serious plastic when you poke your head out and pin you long enough for a teammate to flank you and take you out. I love being on Franklin’s team.
So it’s me, Chuck, Seth and Franklin on the same team, Chris and Buddy end up on another team. Dillon gets split off into another group. Let’s do this!!
We kick things off with some standard games, team death match, etc. A few real arranged game types, a few random goof off multi team matches.


Probably the Most Memorable Airsoft Game of My Life! (Part 1)

I’ve got to take a minute to write about an intense airsoft game that I had the privilege of playing. If you’ve never played in a hardcore airsoft match, you might not get some of this. If you have you will understand just what I’m talking about!

Airsoft Junkies

My friend Chuck, his brother Seth, and a guy Chuck knew named Dillon from somewhere and found out was an airsoft junkie fan all loaded up and headed out to play in some nearby woods at a local event. We can tell by the number of vehicles that turnout is better than anyone expected (which is always a bonus), with around 30 to 40 combatants (a couple of girlfriends, one of which is a solid player and nailed me a couple of times!). When we get there get there we see another airsoft guy we play with named Chris and his new buddy none of us has met.

Odd Man Out

Immediately I notice something different about this new guy, something hard to define but almost like when you think somebody keeps looking at you out of the corner of their eye, but maybe they aren’t and you’re just paranoid? Anyway this new guy who we will call “buddy” (you will understand why I’m not using his name at the end of this post) is all set up, tent over the back of his truck, grilling some hot dogs and loading some mags like a pro. A few black plastic crates sitting on the ground by the truck tells us that today is going to end in pain. Lots and lots of pain.